Monday, January 18, 2010

S$50,000 in Singapore

As most Singaporeans have probably read, our government has donated a princely sum of S$50,000 to Haiti.


That's not even 1/6 of our dear Prime Minister's monthly pay. Lee Hsien Loong earns S$3.87 million a year, which comes up to about S$300,000 a month (taking AWS into account lah).

That's about a quarter of our MP's yearly allowance (S$216k a year).

That's a month of TT Durai's pay when he was with NKF. I can hear a Mrs Goh Chok Tong remarking that's worse than peanuts. Like sunflower seeds. Or pomegranate arils.

That's also 1/6 of what CK Tang's chairman Tang Wee Sung was willing to pay for a kidney.

That's also about 3 COEs for Category A cars in Singapore.

To me, that's way more than my annual salary. I'm poor as fuck and eat chap chye png every day.