Monday, January 18, 2010

S$50,000 in Singapore

As most Singaporeans have probably read, our government has donated a princely sum of S$50,000 to Haiti.


That's not even 1/6 of our dear Prime Minister's monthly pay. Lee Hsien Loong earns S$3.87 million a year, which comes up to about S$300,000 a month (taking AWS into account lah).

That's about a quarter of our MP's yearly allowance (S$216k a year).

That's a month of TT Durai's pay when he was with NKF. I can hear a Mrs Goh Chok Tong remarking that's worse than peanuts. Like sunflower seeds. Or pomegranate arils.

That's also 1/6 of what CK Tang's chairman Tang Wee Sung was willing to pay for a kidney.

That's also about 3 COEs for Category A cars in Singapore.

To me, that's way more than my annual salary. I'm poor as fuck and eat chap chye png every day.


  1. maybe he thinks, donating money even if its peanuts is better than looking like a douche who does not donate at all. when in fact he'll look like a bigger douche for doing so.

  2. i realised i've not made a donation.

    i used a link from Mr Brown's site to make my small donation to WFP.

    i think it's here:

    that'll teach me to shoot my mouth off about the government before doing what's right first!